Enable your customers to tip via THEIR PHONE using rwrd app

motivate & RETAIN staff by increasing earnings through digital tips

capitalise on high value momentS as customerS collect STAMPS in store

SEND OPTION TO TIP after customers have left & ARE enjoying the product

direct payouts & analyse your tip breakdown on your dashboard

coffee customers in shop

“My favourite local shop has a mug for tips but usually I don’t have cash. So it’s handy for me if I can leave a tip via the app.”




speciality coffee drink

“It’s definitely easier to be able to leave a tip via the app after of paying, rather than rushing to at the time of paying!”




what'S INCLUDED in my RWRd package?


Connect with customers looking to discover better coffee in their local area


Increase customer retention through EASY TO USE & bespoke app based rewards


Boost footfall and awareness through targeted In App, email & push notification campaigns


Motivate & retain staff by rewarding them with tips left via RWRD


The monthly subscription to RWRD App is just £30 per month, this price includes our full package of Smart Loyalty, Digital Marketing and Digital Tips. There is a micro transaction fee when processing a tip, however the customer does have the option to cover this fee to ensure that 100% of the tip is received by the team. The transaction fee on a tip is 0.04p + 5%. These processing fees are unavoidable when working with the financial services providers to deliver a digital tipping service, however we are working towards reducing these fees where possible.

Getting started on RWRD is a very light touch, quick and simple process. All you need is a 15 minute kick off call to introduce the business portal and set up your account. Followed by receiving your RWRD Quick Start pack within 48 hours. In order to start collecting tips with RWRD you must complete a KYC verification as part of our onboarding. this is a simple process that is often instant once you have shared the business information required.

Absolutely, all payments are delivered via Apple or Google Pay to Stripe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, Stripe use the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security.

After a customer has purchased and collected their reward, the app presents a unique venue rewards screen, prompting the customer to quickly and securely leave a tip for the service via Apple Pay, Google Pay or card.

The tips are managed and distributed to the staff by you using the RWRD portal to review your team tips. Every tip given is automatically displayed & securely held in your RWRD portal, giving you a real time view of the revenue generated by customers tips. The balance collected is paid out to you on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis so that you can reward your team however you would like to.

All revenue received via customer tips is collated within your RWRD business portal. Log into your portal on any device via a web browser and review reward analytics, customer insights and total tip revenue. The RWRD portal also enables you to promote your rewards scheme to customers in app and highlight your venue to a global audience of coffee drinkers.

The only equipment required at the point of sale is our RWRD Tag that enables customers to tap for stamps. These tags are slightly larger than a credit card, and can be stuck down near the point of sale in a suitable location for your workflow. Each tag is coded with a unique reference to your location and offer a contactless, seamless method for customers to collect stamps. The prompt for a customer to leave a tip is triggered by the customer receiving a stamp, capitalising on a high value moment. The RWRD tag can be custom branded to suit your style if requested.

Security is critical when it comes to looking after your tips. Therefore before we can payout your revenue we must ensure that we have all the correct information and verify your details. Completing a KYC (Know Your Customer) check is a quick and easy step to ensure that you recieve your payouts without delay. We will ask you to share a few business details via a simple form to get you verified.

Contact the team on support@rwrd.co.uk. You can also follow & connect with us on Instagram @rwrdapp

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RWRD Tips sit alongside the RWRD App product, with a monthly subscription of £30. For tips collected, there is a service fee of 4p + 5% to cover admin and transaction fees. For example, you receive 91p of a £1 tip.

Everything you need is included within your subscription with no upfront cost to get started. 

Transactions charges are currently a necessity but we’re always working on reducing these with providers.  

You have full control over your team tips. Every tip given is automatically displayed & stored in your RWRD portal. These are paid out to you on a weekly. fortnightly or monthly basis. 

RWRD collects tips on behalf of your staff as a whole, encouraging great service being delivered across your team. If you wish to weight the distribution, that’s completely fine.

Absolutely, all payments are secured via Apple, Google & Stripe.

Customers tip through the RWRD app on your unique venue rewards screen quickly and securely via Apple Pay, Google Pay or card.

RWRD operates as a facilitator, collecting tips and passing them onto you to distribute between your team. 

RWRD enables you to have high value engagements with customers at point of sale, allowing them to leave a tip after collecting reward stamps. Unlike other providers, RWRD sits as part of the natural checkout for your customers, streamlining the process and encouraging tips.

All your tips data is collated within your RWRD business portal, where you can also access customer insights, promote your tip scheme to customers in app and highlight your venue to a global audience of coffee drinkers.

To start taking tips, you’ll need to complete a quick and easy KYC (Know your Customer) check with some simple business details. 

Check out our troubleshooting FAQ’s here or contact the team on support@rwrd.co.uk.

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