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3 Ideas To Win New Customers

Winning new customers doesn’t have to be a challenge, there may be some work to put in beforehand however with these 3 simple ideas, you can start to generate new customers before you can say Cappuccino…


Essentially, email marketing allows you to engage with your target audience and email them directly. How do I find my target audience or even contact them you may ask? Well, digital loyalty platforms such as RWRD can do this for you. With the ability to create bespoke branded emails, we can then build an audience specific to your store – all you have to do is decide what you want to say or offer. Creating an email that both carries your brand aesthetics and tone can help create a sense of trust and consistency for your business. 

Email marketing is cost-effective and a great tool that can help you win new customers and retain those customers who are still umming and ahing whether to take on a watered-down Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino Blended Coffee from their local high-street chain. By including exclusive offers, highlighting environmental steps you’re taking or even showcasing your amazing team – email marketing can build your relationship with your customers, incentivising them to come back time and time again. 


Love it or hate it, social media is a huge factor to take into consideration when trying to promote your store and win new customers. What’s the first thing you look at when you’re searching for a new spot? We’re going to take a wild guess and say Instagram, or TikTok for those Gen Z’s out there. With over 6.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, you want to be getting yourself on those screens. By putting time into your socials and building your online presence, all you’re doing is expanding your reach. More reach = more customers.

When developing your social media presence it’s important to know your tone, your aesthetic and how you want to portray your business. Some brands go for the stern, serious voice, whilst others can be more colourful and relaxed – discover where you sit and what works for you. The more honest you can be, the more customers will relate to your brand and gain trust in it. A good social media presence can also help you promote the products and other small businesses you work with. Colin the cow herder will be chuffed when he sees you showing off his milk. At first glance, these words may juxtapose, but trust us when we say being in an independent business does not mean being independent in your local community. It’s a win-win for all. 


Live music and running various events is a great way to entice new customers, whilst standing out from other businesses. Events/exhibitions will give you the opportunity to access your core audience and engage with them face-to-face. They don’t have to just be about selling coffee and produce, but creating genuine relationships with your community, giving them a reason to come back. 

Another great advantage of running your own events is the content you can get from them. At times when you’re at a social output low, you’ll have a catalogue of interesting content, giving your socials that extra bit of flair and individuality. By inviting local influencers and businesses to your event, you can really start to build upon brand awareness and local connections – a huge factor in introducing new customers! 

Utilising your space and running live music, an exhibition or even a workspace is going to be different for every business – we’re not saying host the next Glastonbury, just think outside the box and you’ll be amazed at what you can do and the benefits that come with it.

Check out more articles like this here. There are lots of ways to win new customers and these are just a few! Want to speak about ways to win customers and keep them coming back? Book a call here, and we’ll include a feature of your shop!

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