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When it comes to grabbing the attention of customers, we know what works. With RWRD you have access to a complete suite of marketing tools to boost engagement.

How well do you know your customers?

Let's take away the guesswork

In the RWRD business portal you can review your venue analytics including customer acquisition and retention, as well as understanding the trends and preferences of your local customer base.

How well do you know the consumer trends across the coffee shop market?

  • What coffee do most customers buy for home?
  • Which milk do you think is most popular?
  • Do customers prefer to sit-in or take out?
  • What is the split of dietary preferences?
  • What is the most popular coffee?
  • How many coffees per day do most customers drink?

If you want to find out more about customer trends join RWRD today & explore our analytics & insights

Share instantly to thousands of customers

Post your specials, offers and news on the RWRD feed to instantly share with not just your own customers, but every coffee lover in the area, it beats the blackboard on the pavement!

3 Steps to boosting engagement


Join RWRD & showcase your spot

Make sure that your profile is completed and your team is aware of the platform ready for when customers discover you.


Decide what you want to promote

Some shops will offer new customers a discount or a freebie. Others will run a competition for people in the local area. Sometimes you just want to show off your new house blend.


Let RWRD do the hard work for you

The RWRD platform will take your promotion and turn it into a stylish campaign or a snappy notification and fire it out to the best audience to get you results.


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