Success Stories

Real case studies from Independent Coffee Shops working with RWRD

Story 1

Black Cab Coffee

Joby Osman, Manager January 18, 2021

We used RWRD’s marketing service to gift some loyalty stamps to customer from the local area. The process was simple and efficient with the RWRD team on hand to deliver our campaign.

The outcome of the campaign had over 50% engagement with the customers from the local area around the shop. The business received over £75 in new coffee sales the following week, and retained several new customers who didn’t know about us!

Story 2

Shot Espresso

Francesco May 11, 2022

Shot Espresso wanted to gather feedback from their regular customers before they updated the menu. Francesco was able to use RWRD’s service to contact 50 regular customers and offer a free loyalty stamp for their thoughts on how to improve.

Within 24 hours RWRD collected over 50 regular visitors feedback on key questions, and presented these back to Francesco. The findings helped to shape key decisions, and prompted some training in key areas.

Story 3

Archies Coffee House

Laur M. July 8, 2022

Archie’s Coffee House planned an evening supper club, previously the space used to be a restaurant and Laurence wanted to bring back some great food to the area. After posting on social media and putting up flyers in venue, the team were struggling to fill the tables ahead of the event.

Laurence jumped on the RWRD portal and put a request through for a campaign to the local area to promote the event. Within 4 days Archie’s had sold out of tickets, and made over £850 in revenue from the campaign.


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