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Coffee Snapshots | Vincent – Founder of Knot Coffee & Pretzels

Our Coffee Snapshots series showcases the people who make the coffee industry tick, and shares stories & insights from coffee shop owners, baristas, roasters & more.

Meet Vincent, Founder of Knot Coffee & Pretzels – an idea he had with his wife on an 18 hour train ride across Central Europe in 2010, which now has sites across 4 London stations.

How did you get started in the coffee industry, and what did you do before?

From a young age, I was drawn to cooking, which led me to start working in my uncle’s restaurant at 14. After pursuing a career in restaurants, my wife and I decided to open our own specialty coffee and pretzel stall in Kingston Market in 2011. Over the years we have open 8 shops in travel hubs.

Where do you source your coffee from and why did you choose it?

We source our coffee from Union Hand Roasted. Starting at our market stall, our relationship has grown strong. Together, we’ve developed our bespoke blend “ Forget me knot “ that reflects our shared values of quality and sustainability. Union’s direct coffee sourcing aligns perfectly with our ethos.

What makes your coffee shop stand out?

We probably serve the best coffee in train stations and our pretzels are divine 🙂

How did you choose your brand/shop name?

Our name says it all. We are a pretzel specialist.

What’s your coffee of choice?

For me, coffee is intertwined with memories for every occasion. Whether it’s a rugged instant coffee shared with builders during a fit-out project, the unforgettable taste of single-origin coffee brewed on an Italian espresso maker over a wood-fired stove while hiking, or the simplicity of a V60 brew on an early morning at home, each cup holds a story. Coffee becomes richer when shared with others, fostering connections and conversations. This belief inspires our vision for our shop—to be the heart of a commuter community, where smiles are exchanged and conversations created.

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