Our story

Putting independent coffee shops on the map

RWRD was launched in 2019 with a mission to connect the independent coffee community. Our award-winning platform focuses on helping customers discover better coffee, and on helping businesses discover and keep better customers.

RWRD founders Miles and Tim came together having had first experiences on both sides of the counter. With their combined backgrounds including (but not limited to!) running small coffee shops, 7 years in British Army & various coffee fuelled tech related jobs, they had a shared vision, to put independents on the map.

When we launched, we knew of the challenges faced by independent & small chain shops in the face of powerful high street chains, but we weren’t to know of the further challenges to come with Covid and everything that went with it.

Through that, we now have an incredible and growing community of shops, baristas, partners & customers on the platform and we’re excited to continue to connect them in more ways through greater rewards on both sides of the counter.”

Our mission

To connect the coffee community on a global scale, giving them the visibility and voice they deserve.

We will continue to innovate the rewards space for independent businesses by enabling merchants to engage with and better understand their customers through our award-winning platform.

Positive impact beyond the counter

Our commitment to positive impact goes beyond our localised coffee communities. We are all obliged to act responsibly, to support coffee growing communities, their families, and the planet. That’s why we value our work with RWRD Positive Impact Partners. Helping restore healthy forests and supporting coffee-growing communities across the globe.

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