TipBox for Hospitality

Boost team earnings & retention with a RWRD TipBox

Having a standalone RWRD TipBox allows customers to tip your team via card & mobile pay. No admin or tax burden for your business with payments made direct to staff meaning less admin & more earnings.

What is Cashless tipping?

Boost earnings for hospitality staff

The RWRD TipBox enables anyone working in a people facing position to earn tips, particularly where a service charge isn't applied.

"The RWRD tip box is a great and easy way for customers to still show their appreciation even with no cash on hand. Our tips have tripled since!"

What are your benefits?

Happy Staff

Boost retention, performance & earnings

Collect tips

Collect tips via card & mobile

Plug & Play

Plug and play in any location

Set amount

Customise the set amount

Paid directly to your team


Paid directly to your business account

What is the cost?

100% of tips go to staff

No fees. No deductions.

£55 pm
0% fees

RWRD TipBox Case Study

Gourmet Cafe & Coffee Shop, Yorkshire

Success Stories


Average Monthly Tips


Average tip received by each member of staff

Let your customers say thanks.

More earnings, less admin.

Add a RWRD TipBox in your venue today & ensure your team aren't missing out.


Contact the team on support@rwrdapp.com. You can also follow & connect with us on Instagram @rwrdapp

No, customers don’t need the app for RWRD Tip Boxes, but simply tap their card or mobile pay on the device to securely leave a tip.

Yes, while £1 is popular we can change the amount to your preference. Contact the team here.

For businesses there is a monthly service fee of £15. A £2 rental fee a day applies on success (+ 2% per card transaction).

RWRD tip box payouts are made on a monthly basis. Need a different schedule? Contact the team to discuss other options.

Tips given on RWRD Tip Boxes can be paid out directly to staff, or to your business – the choice is yours.