Digital tipping

Swap the small change for instant mobile pay

Capitalise on high value moments with customers. RWRD offers the option to leave a tip when customers receive a reward or enjoy a free coffee. It's the perfect moment and puts the power in the customers hands.

Why choose digital tipping?

Proven to boost your teams earnings & morale

RWRD offers a unique opportunity to cash in on those high value positive moments customers experience whilst in your coffee shop. Presenting the opportunity to reward staff in the palm of the hand, via an instant, contactless mobile transaction.

What are your benefits?


Staff for longer by increasing earnings through digital tips


Live tip data of when & how often you receive tips on your dashboard


Pay-outs from RWRD weekly or monthly to distribute

No more awkward moments

Placing the power in the hands of the customer. Baristas now receive more tips from customers via instant transactions in the privacy of mobile pay. Easy. Secure. Instant.

Let the customer enjoy the service

Making a good coffee takes a moment, and a barista takes pride in the craft. By taking the tip away from the point of sale, customers can enjoy the coffee & service with an option to reward the team in their hand.

How it works?


Give the customer a good experience

Every customer will have the opportunity to leave a tip at two key moments. Firstly when they collect a reward, and secondly when they redeem a full card for a free coffee.


Instant tips, securely delivered

When a customer rewards a barista with a tip, they do so using RWRD app's mobile pay or pay by card option. It can be done in seconds.


Review your rewards & receive the payout

RWRD's business portal displays when and where every tip was given. This means that you can analyse how many happy customers you have and see how much they are rewarding your baristas, and when. Set your payout schedule and receive the funds direct to your bank account.


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  1. Login to your RWRD portal and hit the team tips tab
  2. Review and accept the T&C’s
  3. Click Complete Verification
  4. Go through KYC (Know Your Customer) check
  5. Once complete, you can start earning in app tips paid directly to your business instantly

Head to the team tips tab in your RWRD business portal to see tip data including amount earned, how your customers are tipping and when the next payout is due.

Absolutely, our in app tipping is powered by Stripe and secured by all the relevant providers.

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