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3 Ways To Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Every business owner wants new customers to come back, time and time again. We wanted to share with you 3 different ways of doing so. Before we begin, we just wanted to note (and this should be a given) that customers won’t come back if the coffee is bad – before you do anything, do your research on what coffee you’ll be serving or get in touch and we can point you in the direction of some of our suggested speciality partners. 


People go back to places they feel welcomed and this is especially true in the world of coffee. Delivering a high-quality level of customer service can help the business grow superbly, a happy customer will buy more and come back for more! It’s estimated that it costs roughly five times more to try and attract new customers than to retain existing ones. This clearly demonstrates how important it is to make sure that customers are having the best possible experience. We’d also recommend trying out digital tipping, enabling customers to say thank you at the tap of a card or phone. You’ll be surprised at how much loyal customers want to give back and help out their independent. Not only this but as a business owner, happy staff = happy customers. 


Holding onto customers can be difficult – the market today is very competitive, no matter what field you’re in. Smart loyalty can set you apart from your competitors and help you RWRD your customers through multiple channels (in-app, push notifications, engaging email campaigns) that you simply can’t do with paper loyalty systems.

Trust is also a huge part of customer retention; a lot of customers want more than cheap prices and good products. They want to feel appreciated and involved in the business. With smart loyalty, you can show that you care about your customers by not only rewarding them for their loyalty but by offering relevant marketing campaigns that they actually care about on a more regular and precise basis. 


No one likes sipping on their brew in a cold, ramshackle cafe where the lights are flickering and you feel like you’ve just lost a challenge in The Apprentice. The front of your store should be inviting, attractive and appeal to the right demographic. Before the customer has even tried the coffee, you need to get them through the door first and foremost – the aesthetics and feel of the place matter! 

There are multiple elements that can build the overall design and feel of a coffee shop, we’re not going to go through every one. However, it is important to note that the design of your shop can have a huge effect on customer satisfaction. We recommend keeping it simple, clean and consistent throughout. Lighting should also not be forgotten, it creates the ambience and we’d recommend being bold and unique, choosing a variety of lighting elements. If the vibe’s good, the people are good. 

The list could go on for how to keep your customers coming back, from the food to the flooring, to the toilets to the Wi-Fi speed. Consistency is the backbone of any brand, don’t forget your coffee shop is a brand, it’s your personality and that means there’s no right or wrong.

We see a lot of coffee shops, the good, the bad and the ugly. Just try not to be the bad or the ugly and you’ll see the public flocking to your store. For more articles like this, check them out here. There are lots of ways to engage your customers, and many easy ways at that! Want to speak about ways to win customers and keep them coming back? Book a call here, and we’ll include a feature of your shop!

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