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The RWRD Guide To The Best Coffee In Ealing

We take a look at some of the best shops featured on RWRD in Ealing. Discover more leading spots across the UK & beyond in the app – download free on iOS or Android.

Arise Coffee Roasters 

????7 Oak Rd, London W5 3SS

Arise Coffee Roasters have a clear vision, to give their customers a place to relax, to enjoy different styles of speciality coffee and homemade healthy food. They want to rebuild lives and fulfil dreams with a cup of freshly roasted fair trade coffee.

With a wide range of freshly roasted beans to buy on-site, if you’re looking to sit in, relax and enjoy a coffee, or take some home for yourself, Arise is the place for you.

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Pitzhanger Pantry in Walpole Park

????Pitzhanger Pantry, Walpole Park, London W5 1DQ

Walpole Park is one of West London’s loveliest parks, with tree-lined boulevards, ornamental ponds, fountains, exotic plants and beautiful expanses of lawns. It is home to Pitzhanger Manor, the Grade 1 listed Regency period country house of Sir John Soane, the great 18th century architect to the Bank of England. Roots & Berries runs the café in the park, known as Pitzhanger Pantry.

There, you’ll receive a warm welcome and can enjoy a cup of the best coffee in Ealing, a light lunch, Jude’s ice cream or a treat from the Roots & Berries bakery.

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Artisan Coffee, Ealing

????32 New Broadway, London W5 2XA

Artisan is a coffee-focused, fun-loving space that flirts with pushing design boundaries. They have built everything by hand around the Barista, so they have the space they need to prepare the most beautiful coffees.

Their Baristas treat each cup like a fine chef does a meal, taking pride and time to ensure each coffee is flawless. They continuously adjust the grind to allow for changes in the atmosphere, which is just one of the many steps they take to make sure your espresso is just right. Surprisingly their Baristas also like to clean… they clean vital parts of our lovely La Marzocco FB/80 all day long.

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Curious Roo

????12 The Broadway, London W5 2NH

Having both spent a year in Uganda, Edwin and Magda decided to shun the usual 9-5 and made it their aim to bring quality coffee to the UK. Their plan was simple: GREAT COFFEE and the rest will fall into place.

Edwin was brought up here, whilst Magda brings a passion for authentic fine-tasting coffee – coming from Australia where coffee is more of an obsession than a drink. However, now that Curious Roo is up and running, they realise they are working 5-9 instead of the usual 9-5!

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Court of Miracles

????212 Northfield Ave, London W13 9SJ

Court of Miracles coffee professionals is a speciality coffee company founded by entepreneur Federico (Freddie) Scabello. He undertook a worldwide quest to look for the highest quality brew and eventually was inspired to create best tasting espresso.

His biggest ambition became reality when he was finally able to found his own business dedicated to serving people the coffee of his dreams in a sleek space created with the most refined taste.  From an idea to reality, Court of Miracles coffee professionals is a deeply considered brand built on a passion for precision, devotion to the environment and dedication to brewing the ultimate cup of coffee, crafted with love.

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