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The RWRD Guide To The Best Coffee In Peckham

Here we go with another RWRD coffee shop guide, this week we highlight some of our favourites in Peckham. All these places down below are definitely worth a visit and have one particular thing in common – coffee coffee coffee!


Hidden in the railway arches of Peckham is a surprisingly spacious, airy cafe with beautiful outdoor seating, serving locally roasted speciality coffee, a variety of delicious pastries and a menu of unique sandwich options.

Dovedales has started the journey in September 2021 under the arch. While serving coffee is what they do, they also aim to be a multipurpose, energetic space where Southeast London locals can meet up, socialise, work remotely, buy food and flowers, participate in events, and more.

Source: Dovedales

Feeling Food

Feeling Food believe  that great-tasting coffee should be enjoyed by everyone. Rich, dark, chocolatey or fruity, their award-winning coffees, can be ordered directly from their shop in 100% compostable packaging.

The selection of local produce at Feeling Food is second to none. A true independent shop that celebrates sustainability and the community it sits itself within.

Source: Feeling Food

The Coal Rooms

The Coal Rooms is a refined bar, restaurant + cafe offering a gutsy menu of meat + fish cooked over a charcoal grill + oven. Cafe open daily, restaurant Weds to Sun. You can see the quality of produce of Coal Rooms in an instance, whether you’re passing by for a quick coffee or enjoying a cosy night in enjoying the cuisine – The Coal Rooms is a must. 
 Source: The Coal Rooms

Well and Fed

Well & Fed is an independent coffee shop and deli in Peckham where wellbeing and quality food come together to connect people and enhance their lives, physically and mentally.

Well & Fed’s mission is to help people eat and live consciously. They encourage simple living and cooking by sourcing whole ingredients and natural or organic products, locally produced and of the highest quality. With the long-term plan of launching their own product lines and hosting an ongoing series of wellbeing events, our vision is to become a leading wellbeing hub helping people eat and live consciously, for themselves and for the planet.  They are committed to do our part for the environment, striving to reduce our plastic usage, source organic and local products and operate a zero-waste shop.

Source: Well and Fed

I hope you’ve enjoyed the read, and I hope it inspires you to go out and SUPPORT LOCAL. There’s thousands of hidden gems to find all across the UK, we are only scratching the surface! These cafes highlighted in this blog all celebrate coffee, local produce and quality products.

We want to expand our coffee community and showcase these types of amazing cafes, if you find yourself dry mouthed and at a loose end, head onto our app and discover these amazing local businesses.

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Article written by Curtis Connor

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