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What are the Benefits of Using Digital Loyalty?

Smart loyalty enables you to reward customers for supporting your business and incentivises them to return. By digitally tracking results and insights from your customers digital footprint, you then have the ability to market and engage with your audience. Going digital is also a fantastic alternative to the old environmentally unfriendly paper stamp card. 

So what are the biggest advantages of using smart loyalty in your business? 


Digital loyalty cards are both rewarding for the customer and your business. They can act as an incentive for customers to visit the business regularly to earn rewards for their loyalty, and are an easy way to ensure customers remember their cards – people leave home without paper, not without their phones! It can be a great way to also entice new customers to your shop, resulting in higher sales and footfall.


A big advantage to smart loyalty is the information you can obtain about the people coming through the door and those who haven’t yet. Customers filing out their details means you can discover their preferences and buying habits, allowing your business to then market yourself around this, a very valuable tool that can be benefited from through smart loyalty. Whether your customers drink more oat milk than cows milk or prefer a certain origin of coffee, you can save money by being more knowledgeable about your customers’ buying habits. 


Holding onto customers can be difficult – the market today is very competitive, no matter what field you’re in. Smart loyalty can set you apart from your competitors and help you RWRD your customers through multiple channels (in app, push notifications, engaging email campaigns) that you simply can’t do with paper loyalty systems.

Trust is also a huge part of customer retention; a lot of customers want more than cheap prices and good products. They want to feel appreciated and involved in the business. With smart loyalty, you can show that you care about your customers by not only rewarding them for their loyalty but by offering relevant marketing campaigns that they actually care about on a more regular and precise basis. 


We’ve all done it, agreed to take a paper loyalty card and lost it within a couple of days. With smart loyalty, you can have all of your loyalty cards in one place, helping the planet but also making your wallet a lot lighter. These days we use our smartphones for just about everything, and we very rarely leave the house without them – it only makes sense that your business’s loyalty programme should evolve with this notion. 

Finally, more and more customers enjoy and are becoming accustomed to going digital so on top of all the other benefits mentioned above, it’s an easy and affordable way to step up your customer experience. 

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