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Coffee Snapshots | Bharti – Founder of Bloomsyard Cafe & Wine Bar

Our Coffee Snapshots series showcases the people who make the coffee industry tick, and shares stories & insights from coffee shop owners, baristas, roasters & more.

Meet Bharti – the heart and soul behind BloomsYard. Combining more than 15 years experience of working at leading hospitality brands with an insatiable love of specialty coffee, exotic tea, high quality matcha and wonderful wine, Bharti has launched 5 stunning sites across London and beyond.

How did you get started in the coffee industry, and what did you do before?

I was an accountant working in hospitality for about 16 years growing other brands … then I decided to go it alone!

Where do you source your coffee from and why did you choose it?

Assembly. They were just the best in every way….including the team over there and their supportive nature. 

What makes your coffee shop stand out?

We are a cafe wine bar – slightly different concept but allows for an all-day affair.

How did you choose your brand/shop name?

I wanted something that began with my first initial…so I brainstormed all words beginning with B! Bloom was taken by so many other concepts but I really liked it…by adding Yard to the end it was aligned to our feeling of being an escape from the hustle and bustle. 

What’s your coffee of choice?

Always a black Americano.

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