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Coffee Snapshots | Kevin McIntyre – CEO & Founder of Grounds Cafe & Roastery

Our Coffee Snapshots series showcases the people who make the coffee industry tick, and shares stories & insights from coffee shop owners, baristas, roasters & more.

Meet Kevin, Founder & CEO of Grounds Cafe who took his one person set up, known originally as Cambridge Coffee Company to 9 cafes and a roastery.

How did you get started in the coffee industry, and what did you do before?

In 2001, we launched as the ‘Cambridge Coffee Company’. Our shop was situated in the back of an old bike shed in Cambridge with just 1 member of staff; me! We decided to break away from the High Street and pledged to only invest in sites situated in country parks, woods and forests – our slogan was born: ‘Great Coffee for the Great Outdoors’. In 2016 we rebranded as ‘Grounds Cafes’. In July 2022 we opened our ninth site across England. Our talented chefs prepare all our homemade cakes, soups, stews and gelato in house.

Where do you source your coffee from and why did you choose it?

Brazil & Columbia, we also do a mean Mexican decaf. All roasted ‘in the park’ at our Roastery above our cafe in Milton Country Park. We couldn’t decide between Brazilian or Colombian so we decided the merge the two to create our house blend.

What makes your coffee shop stand out?

Everything you would expect from a high street independent coffee shop but located in the great outdoors. When you visit us you can also make a day of it! We also make our own Gelato and have created a special sausage ice cream for your four legged friend.

How did you choose your brand/shop name?

Two reasons; Grounds in reference to coffee ‘grounds’ and ‘grounds’ because we are located in the grounds of Forests or Country Parks.

What’s your coffee of choice?

Depends on my mood, strong americano with a dash of milk or an oat flat white.

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