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Introducing you to BillyChip

What is BillyChip? 

The BillyChip is a safe, secure currency for businesses and the public to support homeless people and rough sleepers. Named after its creator 20 year old Billy Abernethy-Hope.

Billy never got to see his amazing scheme hit the streets or witness the positive difference it has made in so many people’s lives. Now BillyChip is seen in some of the biggest (and smallest) coffee shops in the UK. Tragically Billy lost his life in a motorbike accident whilst travelling through Thailand in 2018, the scheme was launched in 2019 in his memory by Dad Jon and sister Meg. 

The BillyChip® Foundation registered charity 1188779 was set up in 2018 to continue the legacy of Billy Abernethy-Hope a twenty year old ambulance driver from Bristol who was the inspiration and idea behind the BillyChip.

After helping support the homeless at Christmas, Billy felt disheartened at how little support the general public give to them. Many people donate to charity on a regular basis but Billy was surprised at how small the percentage of these donations were given directly to those who need it, living rough on our streets.The common perception is that “if I give money to a homeless person, it will be used for drugs or alcohol”. People often feel a desire to help but since Covid -19 there is a drive toward a cashless society, and it is increasingly likely people don’t carry cash to hand for someone in need. This is where the BillyChip really works, it breaks down barriers, allowing people to engage and offer some help to a homeless person. This small act of kindness not only helps the person in need but also helps to build better communities within our towns and cities.

Where Can You Find the BillyChip®?

They currently have over 60 locations across Bristol, Bath and the UK, with more venues joining every day.

Find out more here! 

Chip In

Could you help the BillyChip team? It would be fabulous to have you on board!

All you need to do is, next time you’re picking up a coffee from your favourite coffee shop, ask them if they have heard of the BillyChip.

Show them their website, where they can create an account, and how they can participate in the BillyChip scheme. BillyChip want to sign up as many outlets as possible, near and far, to help spread kindness and compassion even further, so please chip in from wherever you are!

Here’s a QR code to share or an email template you can use to send the cafe, or print out this leaflet to take with you next time you’re out and about.


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